EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Is Selling Out Like Hot Cakes

If you want something that will make your lips feel as smooth as the bottom of a baby, you need to stop looking right now. The solution is EOS, refer also to influenster.com. Evolution of Smooth is what everyone uses when they want to replenish moisture into their lips. The replenished moisture is also going to make your lips healthy and not just look good.

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Lip balms which make your lips feel sticky are not good lip balms to use. The EOS brand focuses on coconut, avocado, shea butter and more. All of these mixtures are perfect for you to use to keep moisture or replenish it when its lost. Not only does the lip balm help to replenish it, it also helps to keep it protected from the sun. During the summer months, you will want to purchase EOS lip balm with SPF protection.

For people who loves animals, they cannot get past the fact that some lip balms by EOS have been made with beeswax. If this is you, then you should check out the new line of EOS vegan crystal lip balms. These new flavors of lip balm are available at your local department stores, drug stores, or you can purchase them online.

Upon the release of new brand, the stores sold out pretty quickly as did the internet, buy here! The release of the brand went over so well that EOS was forced into making more. They did not expect it to go as well as it did.

The line of EOS is not strictly prohibited to lip balms. They also make hand lotions as well. If they can make your lips as smooth as a baby’s bottom, why not try the hand lotion and see if it also makes your hands feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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Enrich Your Skin With All Inclusive EOS Lip Balm Products

Why EOS Lip Balm Products Work For Me

I had tried what seemed like thousands of products that didn’t deliver the results they promised. They weren’t able to give me the super-moist shine I needed when I needed it. I only appeared to get a coating with other popular big names that required repeated applications. Then I came across the EOS brand and was pleased with the immediate results. I noticed softer skin in less than 30 days and they provided products that I could afford. I am now a huge fan of the EOS brand and will being recommending it to my friends.

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One Popular Brand Of EOS

I was impressed with the Evolution of Smooth line for their aromatherapy treatment that actually penetrated deep within my skin tissue to deliver superior coverage. I was actually able to use it with my lipstick as a gloss. EOS products contain the rich jojoba and shea that has been used for many centuries to heal the skin. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to become a part of the exclusive Evolution of Smooth family by visiting their website today. Get amazingly soft skin with EOS lip balm products today, purchase your lip balm here!

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The Work Of James Dondero At Highland Capital Management

James Dondero has been part of the management of Highland capital management for more more than 30 years. For the 30 years that he has been in the management of the company, he has made the company profitable in addition to making it very strong in the investment industry. The advantage that this company offers is that it makes it clients part of the process of investment. The company co-invests together with the clients. The intention of this approach is to make sure that every person is satisfied that their investment is safe. This approach also ensures that there is transparency in the process of investing. The fact that the company is part of the investment makes it a credible investment company. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Highland has managed to stay ahead of other competitors in the industry by its ability to avoid losing its investment quickly. This is a scenario described as “Alpha-by –avoidance. The company has put measures that make it possible for the company to provide the best services to their clients. The system that is implemented by the company has put checks and balances necessary to ensure that the investment of clients is safe and free from risk.

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Highland Capital Management was started by James Dondero. He has instilled measures that are necessary to make the company successful over a long duration of time. James Dondero has experience working with financial organizations that have given him the knowledge and experience to deal with his own investment. He has worked previously with the Morgan Guaranty where he was an analyst. James Dondero has also held other senior po0sitions of management such as being the chief investment officer at a company known as Protective Life GIC Subsidiary. Dondero is a certified management Accountant, a certified public accountant as well as a being a chartered financial analyst. All these are credentials that show the experience that James Dondero brings in the management of this company. From his qualifications, it is clear that James Dondero has the capability to run Highland Capital Management in the best way possible.

Apart from his role in the financial and investment sector, James Dondero is also a philanthropist who has contributed a lot of money to charities. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

Natural Pumpkin Spice lip balm perfect for fall

When fall arrives, it’s not uncommon to need lip balm to heal chapped lips, and it also isn’t unusual to smell the scent of pumpkin spice in the air. Now, my favorite lip balm brand, EOS Lip Balms, has developed a limited edition lip balm that has a pumpkin spice flavor! Made with shea butter and moisturizing oils that are healthy for your lips, Natural Pumpkin Spice is available in a duo pack with Organic Vanilla Bean lip balm, both outstanding flavors, available here. While I love them both, I bought my duo pack, which was under $6, and kept the Natural Pumpkin Spice, while adding the Organic Vanilla Bean to a gift for a friend. She loves EOS Lip Balm too, so it was a perfect little add on to her present.

The Natural Pumpkin Spice limited edition release is the latest massive success for EOS Lip Balms, read it also here at usmagazine.com. The company hit shelves in 2010, and have managed to take over a considerable chunk of the oral care industry during the past seven years. Last summer, the brand won even more loyal fans and customers when it introduced two vegan flavors to the market. The lip balms don’t have any beeswax, making them vegan, and the vegan lip balms were a first for EOS Lip Balms. They were also a huge success. Within only a day, the vegan flavors had completely sold out of stores.

While EOS Lip Balms uses only organic and all natural ingredients, and is healthy and healing for chapped and cracked lips, EOS Lip Balms are also attractive to consumers. The packaging is a neatly shaped orb, containing lip balm that comes in fabulous flavors, like the Natural Pumpkin Spice, that taste good. EOS knows what customers like, and they work hard to deliver those products to the marketplace.

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EOS Is Shocking Consumers With Clear Vegan Friendly Lip Balm

In a world where everything is made to be a healthier alternative to what was once on the market, users were still forced to choose a lip balm that contained ingredients they didn’t stand behind. Many shoppers who searched high and low for an organic formula of lip balm were still stuck choosing a lip balm that contained ingredients that were said to not be vegan friendly.

If you are someone who simply doesn’t like the feeling of beeswax or who is allergic to it, you can rest easy now with the formula. The new formula has coconut inside that is mixed with shea butter. The new formula is also a clear formula which has no added dyes. The clear formula was introduced at the same time as a marketing tool to increase more sales when combined with the fact that there is no beeswax inside.

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When the news broke of the release, shoppers were waiting for it to be finally sold in stores and online. The company knew that the sales would be good from the new formula but they never expected it to be as good as it was. Upon the release of the new formula, many shoppers were disappointed when they went to purchase the new product only to find out that it had sold out in just hours from being released, browse products here at makeupalley.com.

Shoppers were then forced to head to their local stores to see if they carried the new EOS brand and was saddened to learn that the stores too were selling out quickly, shop here! The new spheres were only a limited amount at first to check to see how sales would go. Once the sales were a hit and they knew that people will falling for the new formula, more EOS vegan friendly clear lip balm was made.

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EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Review: Setting a New Standard in the Lip Balm World

Nearly a decade ago, a small oral care company burst onto the scene, filling store shelves with adorably colored orbs of organic lip balm. EOS- which stands for the company’s full name, Evolution of Smooth- has become one of the top selling brands in the industry, leaving competitor brands in the dust.

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Now the company, known for it’s tasty flavors and eco-friendly products, are debuting a new line of lip balms. Their new vegan crystal flavors eliminate an ingredient that was keeping some animal lovers away- beeswax. Flavors like hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid are not only wax-free, but also contain shea, jojoba, and avocado oils. They are paraben and petrolatum-free, hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals.

The new lip balm will leave your lips feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated, just like the other EOS products do. They come in the same beautiful, perfectly shaped orb, and are crystal clear, giving your lips a subtle shine.

EOS is proud of it’s new line of products, and they have every right to be. They have proven themselves in the short time they have been in the industry, quickly becoming a multi-million dollar company. They’ve given long-standing companies like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees a run for their money, and have stood their ground against lip balm competitors all over the globe.

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It’s not wonder celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus love it. Their products are also reasonably priced, so they are not only good for your body, but easy on your pocket book.

Pick yourself up some of the new EOS vegan crystal lip balm, buy here! You won’t regret it.

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Neurocore has the solution that can save over 16 million American lives

If you are familiar with depression, you’ll agree that it is one of the prevalent mental disorders in the whole of America. This is not just a myth. Numbers don’t lie. Depression annually affects nearly 16 million American adults mostly women. While this is true, it should be noted that everyone, at any age, can have this mental illness.

Well, it is important to mention that most of the depression victims can fully recover, it is sad to admit that about two-thirds of its victims do not seek medical attention. There could be many reasons for this, but stigmatization rules them all. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The community has different view on the matter, and that’s what causes one to hide instead of seeking help. In this article, you will learn that depression just another illness and not a personal weakness. It is treatable. The following facts will help you understand depression.

Fact #1: no single cause of depression – many factors can lead one to contract depression, but unfortunately no one can pinpoint the exact source. However, specific behaviors can contribute to depression, for instance, life events that cause stress.

Fact #2: there are different types of depression – and the common ones are Seasonal Affective Disorder; symptoms appear during seasons with low sunlight, Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression and Persistent Depressive Disorder.

Fact #3: signs and symptoms vary from one victim to another. But there are universal signs such as chronic feeling of emptiness, sadness among others

Fact #4: depression affects your physical body through headaches, stomach disorders, tension and difficulty to breathe.

Fact #5: depression can lead to suicide. Many young people are dying by committing suicide than ever, and depression is to blame. Feeling of hopelessness can make death so attractive and as the only option.

Fact #6: according to WHO, depression has handicapped those between 15-44 years of age. Not to its victims alone, depression has hijacked the economy.

Fact #7: fight against depression may soon cease if you do not intercede. The research on depression desperately needs help. You can help.

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Fact #8: the earlier depression is treated, the better. Even the most stubborn and severe depression can be treated.

These interesting yet eye-opening facts have been brought you courtesy of Neurocore.

Who is Neurocore?

Neurocore is a privately held company that started its operation in 2004. It is a brain performance center that runs on proven research to help kids and adults fight mental disorders.

Neurocore handles wide range of specialties which includes Heart rate variability training, attention testing, neurofeedback, Qeeg Biofeedback among others. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Finding a Church That Truly Represents the Faith Like Mighty Fortress Church

For followers of Christ, the most important thing to do when looking for a church is to find one that truly represents the faith. There are tons of steps that need to be taken in order to make sure of that. One of the first and most important steps is to read the Bible. Then compare churches to what the Bible says. This is where Might Fortress Church shines among many of the other churches. They make sure that they stay away from tired and repetitive rituals that may not be found in the Bible. The pastor wants to make sure that they are not straying into traditions that are irrelevant to the message preached in the Bible. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church is headed by Bishop Thomas Williams, the Senior Pastor. He has been active for 30 years in different capacities in the body of Christ. He has served as someone who is willing to help others and has given a prophetic voice. He is also very well respected in his Church. He does more than just preach. He also makes sure that he is living a life that is worthy of his calling so that others can see that he is a true representative of Christ. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.

Bishop Thomas Williams has gotten his training at Rhema Bible Training which is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has received training on not only how to interpret the Bible, but also to preach the truth so that people can understand what is being taught and also to encourage people to read the Bible.

Mighty Fortress Church is an example on the church to attend where people welcome newcomers and also help them grow in Christ. A life of following Christ is supposed to be that of spiritual growth and increased insight for people that make the choice to follow this life.

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EOS Lip Balm Extraordinary Review

First impressions are always important as we all want to put our best foot forward. Meeting new people always involves face to face communication. It is so unattractive to see a person with dry, cracked lips, see also usmagazine.com. This problem sends too many people into a tailspin, trying different products that promise miracle results. Not only is hard earned money spent on a product that does not deliver, but time is also wasted with repeated trips to the department store.

Understanding that lips are unique can help with a preventive routine. Lips are entirely different from any other part of the body. We need to examine the basic care necessary to solve the problem of chapped lips. Many don’t understand that having a skin routine is not enough. If we listen to what the experts tells us, we need to address the lips with special care. Read more interesting articles here.

Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips are thin and fragile. They are delicate and have no oil glands. This makes us ponder a very important thought concerning a lip moisturizer. The sun, wind, and dry air are enemies that chap the skin, making it look dull and dehydrated. This negative reaction causes cracked lips in desperate need of moisture. EOS is the answer to keep your smile soft and supple. The effects of excessive heat and cold make EOS a necessity for preventative care. Prevention is always the best medicine.

The natural ingredients of EOS deliver a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection. Shea butter and Vitamin E are two important ingredients in addition to the natural components making it the highest quality lip balm.

EOS has very rigorous safety standards along with continued testing to make it the finest lip balm available. You can’t get better than nature. EOS is not just for dry, sensitive lips, but as a necessary daily staple. It is the foundation for attractive lips and will make the lipstick glide on much smoother. The different colors and scents are long lasting and make wonderful gifts. View this site now, allure.com. Being reasonably priced, they make great stocking stuffers. It would be wise to keep some on hand for any occasion, including birthdays and holidays. EOS is the lip balm for extensive care of the lips.

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The Flavorful Beauty Of EOS Lip Balms

Today, in the world of beauty products and oral care, there is only a handful of leading lip balm companies out there that produce all-natural, moisturizing lip care products. Among the best and most consumer-friendly is the brand, EOS.

EOS, an acronym for “evolutionofsmooth.de” is an American beauty skincare company that was launched in 2009, it’s founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra are visionaries as well as best friends. They tirelessly work every day at keeping up their skincare label’s standards high and enjoy recruiting others to join them in the process. Currently, EOS is being sold in 18 countries around the world. As the company’s CEO, Jonathan Teller is quoted saying,“Ideas come to life when you have clarity in your thinking, great people, and a clear plan.”

Over the past decade, EOS has seen incredible growth and popularity, especially with the manufacture’s luscious lip balms. From its unique, sphere-shaped applicators to it’s rich, aromatic lip balm flavors..EOS is a beloved beauty brand. The lip balms are uncharacteristically designed to entice women consumers, who are considered the modern brand’s best customers.

The trendy company’s skincare products are 100% organic, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and dermatologist-tested. The brand’s ultra-smooth EOS lip balms are antioxidant-rich and formulated with healthful ingredients- Vitamin E, Shea butter, jojoba oil. And there is a garden variety of tantalizing flavors too. Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Pomegranate Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Blueberry Acai, Vanilla Bean, Wildberry, and this season’s newest holiday flavor- Pumpkin Spice, browse products here on fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de. Each nourishing lip balm is created inside a soft, round-shaped applicator that resembles gumball candy. So, not only are EOS lip balms flavorful, wholesome, and soothing for the lips..they are also fashioned in a creative way that makes this beauty product a natural standout in today’s marketplace.

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