Economic Issues Inspire The Artistic Work of Doug Levitt

The economy of the U.S. has always been a major source of inspiration for many artists who look for the true stories of life in the harshest conditions found across many parts of the nation that sees major differences n affluence between different socioeconomic groups; one of the artists who has followed this long tradition is the singer songwriter Doug Levitt, who was beginning his career as an artist just as the 2008 economic slowdown was having its largest effect on U.S. society.

Titled “The Greyhound Dairies”, Doug Levitt’s project has been a major source of inspiration for those who believe artists should inspire and educate as they make their way through a career that, in the case of Doug Levitt has seen him reach high levels of success with his stripped down musical style. Levitt has developed a live show that includes the spoken word, music, photographic images, and animations that have created a show that has been praised by many different quarters. The importance of the work being completed by Doug Levitt has seen him make appearances on many of the leading news networks in the world, including both CNN and Fox News to discuss the social problems he has encountered over the course of his decade long cross country journey by bus.

Doug Levitt would seem to be a good choice of individual who can aid the people of the U.S. in telling the true story of what life is like far from the American dream; Levitt was once an internationally known journalist and correspondent who was based in London, but was posted to cover events in Bosnia and Rwanda for news outlets including ABC and CNN. As an artist, Doug Levitt was living and working in London when he felt the need to become an independent artist with an eye on combining his journalistic skills with those he felt he possessed as a musical artist. Levitt is an impressive figure who still travels to various gigs by bus and performs for charitable groups in the towns he arrives in to perform at cities across the U.S.

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