Jim Tananbaum: Life and Interest on Biopharmaceutical and Healthcare Firms

Jim Tananbaum, a specialized healthcare leader, is the CEO and the pioneer of the Foresite Capital. Jim founded the firm in 2011. When asked where he obtained the idea of the Forsite Capital, Jim states that he was inspired by his experience as an entrepreneur and an investment strategist. At the current, Foresite is accredited to have invested in 77 other companies. Jim is also a co-founder of other well-identified biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Check out LinkedIn Forsite Capital

In 1998, Jim together with the group founded the GelTex Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ, also known as GENZ. He is as well accredited as the co-founder of the Theravance Inc. both the companies are approximated to have a market capitalization of $3.2 billion. Jim has also contributed in investing towards the founding of other health care services such as the capital of some of the company’s such as Amira Pharmaceuticals, Prospect Venture Partners II and III and Jazz Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Most of Jim’s work schedule includes attending to his companies and the uprising company’s presentations. He as well says that he esteems his family a lot and always gives it a priority. Jim’s passion and commitments are the driving forces behind the success of the companies. If given a chance to start again, he states that he would believe more in himself, rather than concentrating on other people’s ideas.

Jim Tananbaum attended Harvard University where he obtained MD and MBA, and later Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his MS. Jim was a mathematics and electrical engineering captain at Yale University. Since his time in high school, Jim has always been passionate on relating computer science, hard sciences with healthcare. Jim has always believed that in the coming years, relating the data science with biotechnology will be the breakthrough on the growth of the health care. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Jim Tananbaum has also been an associate of the Midas List since 2015 up to date. Midas List is one of the best venture capital which deals with the technological life science. Jim, being a strategist has been a greater contributor since the firm relies on the opinions of the board experts.

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