The Growth of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is one the most appropriate lenders for borrowers seeking low- interest loans with less conditions and the company is known to offer lending solutions for businesses and high net-worth individuals seeking non-purpose capita. The company’s headquarters are located Indianapolis, Indiana, USA but has in the recent past intensified its operations in other countries like Australia. Currently, the company has three business offices in Australia and the offices are located in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. The Melbourne office is the regional centre and serves more clients as compared to other offices in Australia. The other countries where the company has set up operations include Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and United Kingdom.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holding specializes in offering financial solutions to borrowers in form of stock- based loans and margin loans. Publicly traded stock serves as collateral for such loans and this therefore provides alternative financing solutions for clients. Capital is provided against publicly traded shares and since its inception in 2002, over 700 transaction have been successfully completed by the company as customers continue to enjoy low-fixed interest rates ad high value for their loans. Individual investors and businesses can easily access securities based lending services at Equities First Holdings. Their LinkedIn Profile.

The future performance of treasuries, bonds and stocks is normally analyzed by the company as part of its risk evaluation process before clients can be provided with loans. Therefore, borrowers that are in need of working capital can use stock as collateral to acquire loans and that is why the company has been experiencing massive growth since its establishment. It is always easier to access stock-based loans as compared to conventional loans from banks because of flexible loan qualifications. In addition to that, the transactions have some certainty because of the fixed interest rates.