How Gold Can Provide A Safe Haven In Unsettled Times

The world economy seems to be increasingly beset with problems. There has been political and economic unrest in a number of countries around the globe in recent years. Greece almost defaulted on its debt and many banks in Spain are close to default, among other situations.

One way of securing your future during times like this is to hold gold in your portfolio which has been a time-honored asset to hold. It can hold its value while stocks enter a bear market and bond yields increase which reduces their value.

U.S. Money Reserve is a company which educates people about holding gold. They also sell gold in the form of Gold American Eagle Coins as well as foreign currencies.

They recently released a book which shows people how gold can hedge again unknown economic risks including trade wars like President Donald Trump has proposed and other global unrest. The President of the company, Philip N. Diehl, says that gold can protect savings from global risk plus it is a government approved asset. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Glassdoor also reported that U.S. Money Reserve was established in 2001 in Austin, Texas.

U.S. Reserve are now one of the biggest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government issued gold in the world. Additionally, they supply silver and platinum currency to their customers. They have had over 400,000 thousand customers across the United States purchase the coins that they have for sale.

When someone decides to purchase gold, silver, or platinum through U.S. Money Reserve they just call the company and ask to speak to an Account Executive. They will help the caller determine what their financial needs are and how buying gold might be right for them.

The company also employs research and numismatic experts who have years of experience sourcing the highest profit potential coins issued by the United States and other nations across the globe.

The President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, was once the Director of the U.S. Mint. He had a long career in public service before joining private industry. He has vast experience with valuable metals, including gold, and has been a terrific asset for a company that sells government issued gold coins.