An EOS Review Reflects on the Positive Effect of Using Natural Ingredients

Evolution of Smooth recently had its name in the spotlight again. This time it was for a new vegan lip balm, which also has the appearance of clear crystal. The team behind the new balm discovered they could produce it as a vegan product by creating a formula that did not contain beeswax. Many of the existing lines of balms from EOS have already been certified as organic, because of the natural plant extracts they use. The new vegan crystal balm is also certified as being organic as well as free of any animal byproducts. As with their other lines of lip balms, the new crystal balm

Looking at the backgrounds of the people who founded Evolution of Smooth leaves little wonder as to why this brand has become so popular. Sanjiv Mehra had gained experience working for several top name brands in various industries within the category of consumer packaged goods. Jonathan Teller on the other hand, had worked with many startup companies so he understood what it took to get the ball rolling. The combined efforts of these individuals made the EOS lip balm an extraordinary product by designing it to be different from the balms that were currently available at the time, click for more.

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In addition to using formulas that would appeal to people on an Eco-friendly level, they also made their product more visually appealing, follow here. They accomplished this by adding natural colors and scents to the balms themselves and by making the container available in eye-captivating pastel shades. They also designed the balms to protect lips by enriching them with ingredients such as Aloe, Shea butter and vitamin E. The end result was the formulation of balms such as their Honey Apple variety, which nourishes and hydrates lips with sustainable sourced natural ingredients, buy here at