Network Marketing Guru Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group Shares Advice for Business Success

Network Marketing guru Vijay Eswaran recently outlined the importance of networking for every business professional to take their career to new heights. He also gave some of his insider tips and recommendations on how to make the most of your networking opportunities.

Advice for Success from Vijay Eswaran

In Vijay Eswaran’s recent article, he spoke about just exactly how he went about being a cab driver that was putting himself through school to becoming a financially independent network marketer worth over $500 million. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

His first piece of advice is likely the most resolute. He recommends helping yourself by overcoming conditioning that you may not even be aware of. For example, Vijay was completely focused on the conditioning that had been instilled in him since childhood that the only path to success was through a traditional 9-5 corporate job.

With a net worth of $500+ million, it’s safe to say that success can be achieved even when you step out of your shell.

However, he mentions how hard it was for him to over come that conditioning, even when his network marketing side business was eventually actually was bringing in more income than his “corporate” job. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

His additional points of advice speak to how he runs his business. He recommends that we all learn to serve others with the personal gifts we have been given. He also states his true belief that giving is how we get.

In network marketing or any other field, rather than thinking “what can I get out of this?” By thinking, “what can I give? How can I share my personal talents?” or similar thoughts, we share our true passions and in return, we receive more than we ever would have than by showing up expecting to get something for nothing.

Vijay’s company continues to grow and his business continues to focus on giving back to others through the work that he does.

In fact, his many philanthropic endeavors continue to revolutionize our world, including a $1.2 billion educational campus that will also provide scholarships to 1,200 people, he has stayed true to the power of network marketing.

His belief that we all have a unique perspective and gift inside of us meant to be shared is quite powerful.

End Citizens United Endorses Jones Because Of Stellar Reputation

End Citizens United continues to pride itself on being a leading PAC in fighting for the election of better, reliable, leaders. For End Citizens United, justice is everything and itdefies all odds. Recently, the group announced its interests in endorsing Jones Doug for senate. The PAC is positive about his leadership and focus to delivering justice. According to the officials, Jones deserves the seat. His counterpart, however, does not deserve to be elected with better reasons. End Citizens United hands over the mantle to Jones with very, good, facts. Jones is running against the extremist and corrupt Moore. Moore has ill agendas and does not deserve to lead the people. According to the past he has had, he will ruin the office and the people.

Why Jones Is A Better Leader

The reputation of a leader speaks volumes about their ability to be in office. Jones is an attorney. His character is not questionable and he has a clean record of performance. He has been in the judicial office for far too long. He has also delivered justice straight to the hands of the people. Jones is a good candidate for the senate position because he will not pocket any money illegally. He is for the people. He will fight corruption at all costs. It is the hope of End Citizens that Jones wins because he will determine the future of the people. According to Muller, an executive leader of the committee, Jones has a track record that is both impressive and encouraging. He speaks for the less fortunate that have been manned by corrupt leaders. The team, therefore, endorses him.

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Why Moore Is Not Good For Senate

End Citizens United is against Moore’s leadership. The team stated that Moore has ill agendas and is not worth the position. It is as plain as he is not for the people’s good will. He has extreme ideologies that do not speak for the people of Alabama. Their values are washed down the drain thanks to his agendas. In Washington, Moore will work with the dark money facilitators. This is a key agenda that should not be allowed into the system and office. Moore has repeatedly reaped money from the wrong places. Charity organizations are just one of them. Moore spent the money on himself and the wife. This is a sensitive issue that prevents the people from trusting him.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United was formed to kill the era of dark money in politics. Since then, the team has been up to fighting this era. Most of the officials in End Citizens United are for finance reforms. End Citizens United stands for excellent leadership and reforms. With good governance, the PAC has managed to endorse some of the most trusted leaders.

The Diversity of EOS Lip Balm

EOS is constantly adding new flavors of lip balm which keep customers interested and engaged in the brand. While not every customer is looking to explore new flavors of lip balm, the wide variety of options out there are enticing for customers who like to experiment.

While EOS has some standard flavors out there like sweet mint and strawberry sorbet, they also have some unique flavors as well that can allow a customer to experience flavors that they never would have thought of and which simply are not available elsewhere. Check this out!

An example of an exotic flavor is honeysuckle honeydew which contains both fruit and floral flavors and is a nice mellow flavor that many people find enjoyable and non-intrusive to apply. Blackberry nctar is another unique flavor. Blackberry is a complex flavor that is challenging for lip balm makers to produce and which was able to pull off with their creation of organic and natural flavorings in their lip balms. While mint flavored lip balms are always popular, EOS has created a vanilla mint flavor that is unique and more complex than what people are commonly accustomed to. The addition of mint adds a shole new dimension to this flavor. EOS has recently even created new Vegan Lip Balm options with unique flavors like peach hibiscus and vanilla orchid that are clear when applied and provide added moisture, order here at!

It is one thing to be unique and another to be an enjoyable flavor of lip balm to apply to your lips and it is there that EOS truly shines through. EOS is more than just interesting flavors. They product a high quality lip balm that is based on ingredients a step above that used by customers and without the additives that often distort the flavor that customers taste and which provides for a longer lasting feel.


EOS Vegan Lip Balm Options Now Available

EOS fans everywhere take a deep breath and have a seat. There is a new release on the market from the Evolution of Smooth company. Named as the coolest lip balm in the world by many of you, there is a new vegan lip balm that was released. Here are the details on the flavors and the ingredients. Head over to for more interesting articles.

First of all, the product line is called Crystal Lip Balm and comes in two flavors. There is Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. It has no beeswax in it at all now. That is great news for vegans. It allows those people that love the smell of the product to now be able to wear it. It’s weightless too. Both flavors taste so good on the lips.

Probably one of the best things about this new product is the feeling. It feels like it’s not even there. It’s kind of like putting the flavor on, but there is no waxier build up. Fans can’t wait to see what new flavors will come next. The success of this company has been legendary since it first started. Everyone has loved the products, refer also to The most popular line form EOS has been their lip balms. The seasonal selections are always a big hit.

Now those vegan celebrities and fans everywhere can enjoy the product just like everyone else. Even non-vegan collectors are excited. They can have another lip balm from EOS to add to their collection for YouTube videos. Here come the haul videos EOS, see

Many celebrities are even using it that aren’t vegan at all. They say that it feels lighter than the original and that they prefer the feeling. Hats off to the EOS people that made this new addition to an already amazing lineup of products, shop here now! Who knows what they will have next.



How To Decide Between A Term And Permanent Life Insurance Product

When deciding between different types of life insurance, the main two choices are term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Which way you decide to go depends on a number of factors as well as plusses and minuses for each route. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance:

Individual circumstances and what you think will happen in your life in the future will help you chart the choice between these two choices. You also need to decide on the company that will underwrite your policy. One of the better choices in the US is Freedom Life Insurance.

A term life insurance policy is a great choice if you need coverage for a specific number of years. You specify the number of years and once that time runs out the policy ends. This is a good choice for people with dependents, such as those with young children.

You can figure out when they’ll stop depending on your money for the most part, at the end of the college years in all likelihood, and choose a term policy that meets that need.

Another advantage of term life policies is that you can get a policy with a large face value. According to Bloomberg, the price per thousand dollars of coverage is less expensive on a term life policy so you save money while protecting your loved ones financially. Freedom Life Insurance offers a policy that will fit this need perfectly.

Permanent life insurance will be in force, assuming you pay the premiums, until the day you die. The reason to choose such a policy is if you want to save money in the policy that will grow on a tax-deferred basis. Additionally, once you have accumulated money in the policy you can use it to pay the premiums. You can also borrow your money in the policy if a need arises to do so.

As Freedom Life Insurance explains, there are a few types of permanent life policies. This includes whole life policies, variable life insurance, and universal life insurance. There are differences between these types of life insurance products but broadly speaking they will last until your final days.

EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is a beauty company that specializes in natural products. Although they also make shaving cream and lotion, they are best known for their line of lip balms. All of their products are dermatologist tested, gluten free, and hypoallergenic.

Head over to and learn more beauty tips.

The company burst onto the beauty scene seven years ago. The products they created were designed specifically with women in mind. They wanted a product that would engage all five senses- from the click closure to the feel of the orbs- and wouldn’t easily get lost in a woman’s purse. Their lucky break came when they successfully met with a female buyer for Walgreens. Their products are now sold around the world at major retailers. They sell nearly one million products per day.

Great review here.

Even though EOS has been on the scene for nearly a decade, they are still creating a constant buzz with their products. Their latest product to hit the shelves is a vegan lip balm. This is an amazing revelation to the beauty world, because it can be used guilt-free by absolutely everyone. By removing the beeswax from the lip balm, the EOS lip balm is now organic, animal by-product free, and vegan. It is also loaded with coconut, Shea, and other natural oils to keep your lips soft and smooth. Best known as EOS Crystal Lip Balm, it is available in two scintillating flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. EOS has truly revitalized the beauty scene with this made-for-everyone lip balm!

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How EOS Created a Vegan Lip Balm

Eos has long been one of the leading companies who make lip balm. Their origins are from less than a decade ago and they quickly emerged as a leading company based on the care that they took when developing their proprietary blends of lip balm, basing them on organic and natural ingredients that tempted and nourished customers. Go to to read more related stories. They also created these unique orb shaped applicators that were both hygienic and stood out on shelves and they developed unique blends of flavor that enticed and attracted customers like strawberry sorbet and vanilla mint. The brand exploded and developed a real following and many of the other lip balm producers started to emulate them. Shop and get great discounts here on

Eos was the original innovator in a tired and stagnant lip balm market. However, their innovation didn’t stop with their initial entry to the market, more insights here. EOS has continued to create new and interesting flavors of lip balm that interest customers and have now released a new line of lip balm that allows them to further stand out known as EOS crystal.

EOS crystal lip balm is clear which leads to the name of the brand. The name is set up to highlight the lack of additives and the see-through nature of the brand. EOS crystal contains no wax or animal products and it is therefore safe to use for vegans.

Vegans won’t be the only ones attracted to EOS crystal as it keeps the tradition of great quality that EOS has long established and introduces two new flavors to the EOS lineup; vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus, with more to roll out in the coming months. EOS has redesigned the orb case by making it less round and easier to stand up on its own, which keeps it stable on your shelf. Best yet, EOS Crystal is already available for sale on their website and with leading retailers so pick yours up today.

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EOS & 21st Century Oral Care

We’re living in some of the most modern times. In these times, technology is king. Just about every industry or field of work has some form of technology that’s implemented into it. The oral care industry is no exception as it has experienced a major boom over the past few years. The company below has brought about many new changes to what many consider as a bland industry. EOS has taken over the top spot in lip balm sales, read more here. It literally sells over 1 million units on a weekly basis. The company is also now worth $25o million. With industry performance expected to increase in the future, EOS’s net worth should definitely increase as well.

When it comes to lip balms, this brand stands out thanks to its wide array of features, read also related article on It offers some of the most diverse flavors, which includes:

  • Vanilla Bean
  • Vanilla Mint
  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Coconut Milk
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Wild Berry
  • Honey Apple
  • Lemon Twist
  • And many more

This only scratches the surface to how many flavors are hosted here. EOS has taken its game farther, and it has stepped its game up dramatically by introducing a new lip balm product. The all-new Crystal Lip Balms have caught the attention of millions, and its summer anticipation build-up has allowed its popularity to sore. The name Crystal says it all because the lip balms posses a unique see-through appearance. This is ingenuity and reinvention at its finest. See more cool products here on

The brand’s social media accounts have been buzzing all summer long. This new product has become a fan favorite quickly after its release and that’s no fluke. EOS is just a better brand because it takes chances, and it gives the people something new to enjoy.



The Changes That The End Citizens United Have Proposed For The Constitutional Amendment

The elections ended a few months ago, and president Trump is in the White House, something that quite a significant number of Americans did not see coming. If the just-concluded elections have taught the country something, it is the reality that there need to be a few changes to the entire election process. There are groups which had foreseen the problems within the system, and the elections seemed to have amplified some of these issues, especially the role that Super PACs are playing in the financing of politics. For instance, in 2010, in the F.E.C versus End Citizens United case, the court ruled that the Super PACs and Organizations could act like individuals.

According to, the issues which are emerging from the signing of this bill into law are that some groups, whose intentions for the general population are not understood, are getting their hands in national politics. As a result of this interference, there is a lot of money in the national politics whose source is not clear. A lot of the money that has been used to fund various political campaigns has in fact been found to be dirty money. These are some of the issues that groups like the End Citizens United PAC want to be looked into again.

The Political Action Committee was started in 2015. When it was started, they had the aim of supporting the Democratic Party Candidates of their choice, and they successfully managed to raise more than $4 million by the time the Party Primaries were taking place.

They managed to help some of their candidates get into power, and they are hoping to do more in the mid-terms which are coming in 2018. For the time being, their primary concern is that they need the constitution to be amended so that the Super PACs can be kicked out of the national political scene. The group has done a lot to try and get an audience from the Supreme Court. They have for instance been collecting the 1 million signatures that are needed for a petition to be filed. Currently, they have a little over 300,000 signatures, and they are hoping that this number will be raised to a million. One of the associations they have forged to make this possible is an alliance with the Ready for Hillary Movement, which has more than 4 million followers.

Some people think getting the constitution amended is a tall order for the PAC; however, the group feels that they need to do something to influence change in the electoral process. The team has also managed to raise more than $35 million, which they are planning to use to back candidates who support their views in the upcoming midterms.

Get The Benefits Of EOS For Your Chap Skin

EOS lip balm products are hitting the beauty care industry with a cool combination of protection, and moisture. Imagine having just the right soft, glow to your lips on a cold winter morning. They saturate your lips with ancient old remedies used by wise skin healing gurus. Give your skin the ability to hydrate when, and where you need it with EOS products, shop here now. Say goodbye to dry chap skin, and nourish your lips with the top shea, and jojoba in the industry. EOS provides all natural extracts from the true source and are certified organic based on You’ll love the way your lips look and feel with every application.

Their new Crystal brand is even cuter than the original pastel circular containers their customers are use too with a frosty look, and amazing delivery. They’ve had no problem standing alone as an independent brand, but under the EOS likeness. They too, are a trusted brand building a name for quality, and affordability. Their products are easy to distinguish in the bottom of a cluttered purse, and the industry’s elite are raving over their products. Be confident in extreme wind, and sun exposure with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. Shop more products here on

One popular brand of EOS continues to be the top selling brand under their name. Introducing the already popular brand Evolution of Smooth is constantly creating new flavors their users must have. Your go-to lip balm can include a collection of flavors like all-natural mint, almond milk, or Lemon Drop to name a few. Their aromatherapy flavor that totally protects your lips, and gives it shine is unmatched by their competitors. Choose your favorite brand from select poo participating retailers, or visit the Evolution of Smooth website, and get their products delivered for free. Choose EOS products for beauty, protection, and moisture today.

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