The Work Of James Dondero At Highland Capital Management

James Dondero has been part of the management of Highland capital management for more more than 30 years. For the 30 years that he has been in the management of the company, he has made the company profitable in addition to making it very strong in the investment industry. The advantage that this company offers is that it makes it clients part of the process of investment. The company co-invests together with the clients. The intention of this approach is to make sure that every person is satisfied that their investment is safe. This approach also ensures that there is transparency in the process of investing. The fact that the company is part of the investment makes it a credible investment company. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Highland has managed to stay ahead of other competitors in the industry by its ability to avoid losing its investment quickly. This is a scenario described as “Alpha-by –avoidance. The company has put measures that make it possible for the company to provide the best services to their clients. The system that is implemented by the company has put checks and balances necessary to ensure that the investment of clients is safe and free from risk.


Highland Capital Management was started by James Dondero. He has instilled measures that are necessary to make the company successful over a long duration of time. James Dondero has experience working with financial organizations that have given him the knowledge and experience to deal with his own investment. He has worked previously with the Morgan Guaranty where he was an analyst. James Dondero has also held other senior po0sitions of management such as being the chief investment officer at a company known as Protective Life GIC Subsidiary. Dondero is a certified management Accountant, a certified public accountant as well as a being a chartered financial analyst. All these are credentials that show the experience that James Dondero brings in the management of this company. From his qualifications, it is clear that James Dondero has the capability to run Highland Capital Management in the best way possible.

Apart from his role in the financial and investment sector, James Dondero is also a philanthropist who has contributed a lot of money to charities. Visit his website at

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