Natural Pumpkin Spice lip balm perfect for fall

When fall arrives, it’s not uncommon to need lip balm to heal chapped lips, and it also isn’t unusual to smell the scent of pumpkin spice in the air. Now, my favorite lip balm brand, EOS Lip Balms, has developed a limited edition lip balm that has a pumpkin spice flavor! Made with shea butter and moisturizing oils that are healthy for your lips, Natural Pumpkin Spice is available in a duo pack with Organic Vanilla Bean lip balm, both outstanding flavors, available here. While I love them both, I bought my duo pack, which was under $6, and kept the Natural Pumpkin Spice, while adding the Organic Vanilla Bean to a gift for a friend. She loves EOS Lip Balm too, so it was a perfect little add on to her present.

The Natural Pumpkin Spice limited edition release is the latest massive success for EOS Lip Balms, read it also here at The company hit shelves in 2010, and have managed to take over a considerable chunk of the oral care industry during the past seven years. Last summer, the brand won even more loyal fans and customers when it introduced two vegan flavors to the market. The lip balms don’t have any beeswax, making them vegan, and the vegan lip balms were a first for EOS Lip Balms. They were also a huge success. Within only a day, the vegan flavors had completely sold out of stores.

While EOS Lip Balms uses only organic and all natural ingredients, and is healthy and healing for chapped and cracked lips, EOS Lip Balms are also attractive to consumers. The packaging is a neatly shaped orb, containing lip balm that comes in fabulous flavors, like the Natural Pumpkin Spice, that taste good. EOS knows what customers like, and they work hard to deliver those products to the marketplace.

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