Finding a Church That Truly Represents the Faith Like Mighty Fortress Church

For followers of Christ, the most important thing to do when looking for a church is to find one that truly represents the faith. There are tons of steps that need to be taken in order to make sure of that. One of the first and most important steps is to read the Bible. Then compare churches to what the Bible says. This is where Might Fortress Church shines among many of the other churches. They make sure that they stay away from tired and repetitive rituals that may not be found in the Bible. The pastor wants to make sure that they are not straying into traditions that are irrelevant to the message preached in the Bible. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church is headed by Bishop Thomas Williams, the Senior Pastor. He has been active for 30 years in different capacities in the body of Christ. He has served as someone who is willing to help others and has given a prophetic voice. He is also very well respected in his Church. He does more than just preach. He also makes sure that he is living a life that is worthy of his calling so that others can see that he is a true representative of Christ. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Bishop Thomas Williams has gotten his training at Rhema Bible Training which is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has received training on not only how to interpret the Bible, but also to preach the truth so that people can understand what is being taught and also to encourage people to read the Bible.

Mighty Fortress Church is an example on the church to attend where people welcome newcomers and also help them grow in Christ. A life of following Christ is supposed to be that of spiritual growth and increased insight for people that make the choice to follow this life.


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