Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Help To Establish Other Human Rights Groups Through The Frontera Fund

According to the American Immigration Council, there should be a critical check along the borders of countries. In most cases, human rights violation tends to occur along the border points since there is no proper monitoring, and this exposes many people to extreme suffering. The NNIR is always fighting to ensure that immigrants can be able to live a better life than in their home country.

Most nations in the world have militarized their borders, and this ensures that illegal goods and people from neighboring countries cannot gain free entry without going through the proper channels. Products should also follow the right procedure when being imported as it is expected for human beings.

The United States of America is not any different. There has been significant pressure from the Donald Trump Administration with the intention of implementing the laws governing immigration. Rules are being enacted to ensure that people who do not belong to the United States are deported back to their countries.

Border demilitarization is a law that the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIR) is trying to ensure it is passed in Congress. The primary argument behind the fight for the demilitarization of the border points is so that people can freely enter the United States in case there is civil conflict in their countries.

According to the NNIR, this move will help to ensure that human rights are protected not only in the United States, but also in the entire world.

When people are exposed to unsuitable conditions in their home country, and other nations fail to accept them, then it leads to further violation of the fundamental human rights. Human movement should not be limited by border points. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and https://angel.co/michael-lacey-3

It is because they are just a creation of the human beings, and they do not physically exist. The NNIR advocates for the abolishment of private military contractors since such organizations easily downplay the essential nature of human rights.

When they are allowed to run detention centers, then the situation becomes much worse as they ignore the rules governing such facilities. The occurrence of such is dangerous for the survivability of any human being.

According to the NNIR, which is a subsidiary of the Frontera Fund, even criminals should be allowed to enjoy their fundamental rights. Torture should not be extended to any person despite the mistake that he or she may have committed.

The occurrence of conflict in a country is not a phenomenon that is desired by anyone. The ACLU researched five major private prisons within the United States, and the situation was found out to be very dire.

First and foremost, there is extreme overcrowding in jails making the environment to be unsurvivable. The private military contractors get paid by the government for every person who is detained within their facilities.

As a result, they try to maximize profit by ensuring that they confine the highest possible number of people. Additionally, the conditions are usually very dirty. Other factors that were identified include inadequate medical care and abuse of every kind.

In 2013, the Detention Watch Network researched other private prisons, and the situation was found to be no different. The lack of sufficient food made the immigrants live as though they were being tortured.

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