Natural Pumpkin Spice lip balm perfect for fall

When fall arrives, it’s not uncommon to need lip balm to heal chapped lips, and it also isn’t unusual to smell the scent of pumpkin spice in the air. Now, my favorite lip balm brand, EOS Lip Balms, has developed a limited edition lip balm that has a pumpkin spice flavor! Made with shea butter and moisturizing oils that are healthy for your lips, Natural Pumpkin Spice is available in a duo pack with Organic Vanilla Bean lip balm, both outstanding flavors, available here. While I love them both, I bought my duo pack, which was under $6, and kept the Natural Pumpkin Spice, while adding the Organic Vanilla Bean to a gift for a friend. She loves EOS Lip Balm too, so it was a perfect little add on to her present.

The Natural Pumpkin Spice limited edition release is the latest massive success for EOS Lip Balms, read it also here at The company hit shelves in 2010, and have managed to take over a considerable chunk of the oral care industry during the past seven years. Last summer, the brand won even more loyal fans and customers when it introduced two vegan flavors to the market. The lip balms don’t have any beeswax, making them vegan, and the vegan lip balms were a first for EOS Lip Balms. They were also a huge success. Within only a day, the vegan flavors had completely sold out of stores.

While EOS Lip Balms uses only organic and all natural ingredients, and is healthy and healing for chapped and cracked lips, EOS Lip Balms are also attractive to consumers. The packaging is a neatly shaped orb, containing lip balm that comes in fabulous flavors, like the Natural Pumpkin Spice, that taste good. EOS knows what customers like, and they work hard to deliver those products to the marketplace.

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EOS Is Shocking Consumers With Clear Vegan Friendly Lip Balm

In a world where everything is made to be a healthier alternative to what was once on the market, users were still forced to choose a lip balm that contained ingredients they didn’t stand behind. Many shoppers who searched high and low for an organic formula of lip balm were still stuck choosing a lip balm that contained ingredients that were said to not be vegan friendly.

If you are someone who simply doesn’t like the feeling of beeswax or who is allergic to it, you can rest easy now with the formula. The new formula has coconut inside that is mixed with shea butter. The new formula is also a clear formula which has no added dyes. The clear formula was introduced at the same time as a marketing tool to increase more sales when combined with the fact that there is no beeswax inside.

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When the news broke of the release, shoppers were waiting for it to be finally sold in stores and online. The company knew that the sales would be good from the new formula but they never expected it to be as good as it was. Upon the release of the new formula, many shoppers were disappointed when they went to purchase the new product only to find out that it had sold out in just hours from being released, browse products here at

Shoppers were then forced to head to their local stores to see if they carried the new EOS brand and was saddened to learn that the stores too were selling out quickly, shop here! The new spheres were only a limited amount at first to check to see how sales would go. Once the sales were a hit and they knew that people will falling for the new formula, more EOS vegan friendly clear lip balm was made.

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EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Review: Setting a New Standard in the Lip Balm World

Nearly a decade ago, a small oral care company burst onto the scene, filling store shelves with adorably colored orbs of organic lip balm. EOS- which stands for the company’s full name, Evolution of Smooth- has become one of the top selling brands in the industry, leaving competitor brands in the dust.

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Now the company, known for it’s tasty flavors and eco-friendly products, are debuting a new line of lip balms. Their new vegan crystal flavors eliminate an ingredient that was keeping some animal lovers away- beeswax. Flavors like hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid are not only wax-free, but also contain shea, jojoba, and avocado oils. They are paraben and petrolatum-free, hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals.

The new lip balm will leave your lips feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated, just like the other EOS products do. They come in the same beautiful, perfectly shaped orb, and are crystal clear, giving your lips a subtle shine.

EOS is proud of it’s new line of products, and they have every right to be. They have proven themselves in the short time they have been in the industry, quickly becoming a multi-million dollar company. They’ve given long-standing companies like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees a run for their money, and have stood their ground against lip balm competitors all over the globe.

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It’s not wonder celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus love it. Their products are also reasonably priced, so they are not only good for your body, but easy on your pocket book.

Pick yourself up some of the new EOS vegan crystal lip balm, buy here! You won’t regret it.



Neurocore has the solution that can save over 16 million American lives

If you are familiar with depression, you’ll agree that it is one of the prevalent mental disorders in the whole of America. This is not just a myth. Numbers don’t lie. Depression annually affects nearly 16 million American adults mostly women. While this is true, it should be noted that everyone, at any age, can have this mental illness.

Well, it is important to mention that most of the depression victims can fully recover, it is sad to admit that about two-thirds of its victims do not seek medical attention. There could be many reasons for this, but stigmatization rules them all. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The community has different view on the matter, and that’s what causes one to hide instead of seeking help. In this article, you will learn that depression just another illness and not a personal weakness. It is treatable. The following facts will help you understand depression.

Fact #1: no single cause of depression – many factors can lead one to contract depression, but unfortunately no one can pinpoint the exact source. However, specific behaviors can contribute to depression, for instance, life events that cause stress.

Fact #2: there are different types of depression – and the common ones are Seasonal Affective Disorder; symptoms appear during seasons with low sunlight, Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression and Persistent Depressive Disorder.

Fact #3: signs and symptoms vary from one victim to another. But there are universal signs such as chronic feeling of emptiness, sadness among others

Fact #4: depression affects your physical body through headaches, stomach disorders, tension and difficulty to breathe.

Fact #5: depression can lead to suicide. Many young people are dying by committing suicide than ever, and depression is to blame. Feeling of hopelessness can make death so attractive and as the only option.

Fact #6: according to WHO, depression has handicapped those between 15-44 years of age. Not to its victims alone, depression has hijacked the economy.

Fact #7: fight against depression may soon cease if you do not intercede. The research on depression desperately needs help. You can help.


Fact #8: the earlier depression is treated, the better. Even the most stubborn and severe depression can be treated.

These interesting yet eye-opening facts have been brought you courtesy of Neurocore.

Who is Neurocore?

Neurocore is a privately held company that started its operation in 2004. It is a brain performance center that runs on proven research to help kids and adults fight mental disorders.

Neurocore handles wide range of specialties which includes Heart rate variability training, attention testing, neurofeedback, Qeeg Biofeedback among others. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Finding a Church That Truly Represents the Faith Like Mighty Fortress Church

For followers of Christ, the most important thing to do when looking for a church is to find one that truly represents the faith. There are tons of steps that need to be taken in order to make sure of that. One of the first and most important steps is to read the Bible. Then compare churches to what the Bible says. This is where Might Fortress Church shines among many of the other churches. They make sure that they stay away from tired and repetitive rituals that may not be found in the Bible. The pastor wants to make sure that they are not straying into traditions that are irrelevant to the message preached in the Bible. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church is headed by Bishop Thomas Williams, the Senior Pastor. He has been active for 30 years in different capacities in the body of Christ. He has served as someone who is willing to help others and has given a prophetic voice. He is also very well respected in his Church. He does more than just preach. He also makes sure that he is living a life that is worthy of his calling so that others can see that he is a true representative of Christ. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Bishop Thomas Williams has gotten his training at Rhema Bible Training which is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has received training on not only how to interpret the Bible, but also to preach the truth so that people can understand what is being taught and also to encourage people to read the Bible.

Mighty Fortress Church is an example on the church to attend where people welcome newcomers and also help them grow in Christ. A life of following Christ is supposed to be that of spiritual growth and increased insight for people that make the choice to follow this life.


EOS Lip Balm Extraordinary Review

First impressions are always important as we all want to put our best foot forward. Meeting new people always involves face to face communication. It is so unattractive to see a person with dry, cracked lips, see also This problem sends too many people into a tailspin, trying different products that promise miracle results. Not only is hard earned money spent on a product that does not deliver, but time is also wasted with repeated trips to the department store.

Understanding that lips are unique can help with a preventive routine. Lips are entirely different from any other part of the body. We need to examine the basic care necessary to solve the problem of chapped lips. Many don’t understand that having a skin routine is not enough. If we listen to what the experts tells us, we need to address the lips with special care. Read more interesting articles here.

Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips are thin and fragile. They are delicate and have no oil glands. This makes us ponder a very important thought concerning a lip moisturizer. The sun, wind, and dry air are enemies that chap the skin, making it look dull and dehydrated. This negative reaction causes cracked lips in desperate need of moisture. EOS is the answer to keep your smile soft and supple. The effects of excessive heat and cold make EOS a necessity for preventative care. Prevention is always the best medicine.

The natural ingredients of EOS deliver a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection. Shea butter and Vitamin E are two important ingredients in addition to the natural components making it the highest quality lip balm.

EOS has very rigorous safety standards along with continued testing to make it the finest lip balm available. You can’t get better than nature. EOS is not just for dry, sensitive lips, but as a necessary daily staple. It is the foundation for attractive lips and will make the lipstick glide on much smoother. The different colors and scents are long lasting and make wonderful gifts. View this site now, Being reasonably priced, they make great stocking stuffers. It would be wise to keep some on hand for any occasion, including birthdays and holidays. EOS is the lip balm for extensive care of the lips.

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The Flavorful Beauty Of EOS Lip Balms

Today, in the world of beauty products and oral care, there is only a handful of leading lip balm companies out there that produce all-natural, moisturizing lip care products. Among the best and most consumer-friendly is the brand, EOS.

EOS, an acronym for “” is an American beauty skincare company that was launched in 2009, it’s founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra are visionaries as well as best friends. They tirelessly work every day at keeping up their skincare label’s standards high and enjoy recruiting others to join them in the process. Currently, EOS is being sold in 18 countries around the world. As the company’s CEO, Jonathan Teller is quoted saying,“Ideas come to life when you have clarity in your thinking, great people, and a clear plan.”

Over the past decade, EOS has seen incredible growth and popularity, especially with the manufacture’s luscious lip balms. From its unique, sphere-shaped applicators to it’s rich, aromatic lip balm flavors..EOS is a beloved beauty brand. The lip balms are uncharacteristically designed to entice women consumers, who are considered the modern brand’s best customers.

The trendy company’s skincare products are 100% organic, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and dermatologist-tested. The brand’s ultra-smooth EOS lip balms are antioxidant-rich and formulated with healthful ingredients- Vitamin E, Shea butter, jojoba oil. And there is a garden variety of tantalizing flavors too. Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Pomegranate Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Blueberry Acai, Vanilla Bean, Wildberry, and this season’s newest holiday flavor- Pumpkin Spice, browse products here on Each nourishing lip balm is created inside a soft, round-shaped applicator that resembles gumball candy. So, not only are EOS lip balms flavorful, wholesome, and soothing for the lips..they are also fashioned in a creative way that makes this beauty product a natural standout in today’s marketplace.

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George Soros’ Act for A Better Future

George Soros is a successful author, investor and a business mogul, known for his big heart, and he is one of the world’s most generous philanthropists. The Budapest-born business mogul manages Soros Fund Management. He is also the founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations. George has also worked for Quantum Fund as an advisor.

Soros began his career after graduating with both a bachelor and masters in philosophy from the London School of Economics. After working for various merchant banks in England, he launched Double Eagle, his first hedge fund in 1969. A year later, he founded Soros Fund Management using the profits from Double Eagle; a company that was performing exceedingly well then. George Soros then decided to rebrand his first hedge fund and call it Quantum Fund. He continued to make profits through managing his funds, and this led him to acquire a net worth of 25 billion US dollars by 2011.

This business savvy philanthropist is popular for his generous acts and contributions to the political and social scene. He donated over 23 billion dollars to tax groups in the United States. With an aim to strengthen the infrastructure and other constructive causes, he worked with other donors to found the Democratic Alliance. He also helped the underprivileged children in New York through the donation of 35 million dollars in 2009. Read his profile at Business Insider.

What’s more, he is recently known for his generous donation of 18 million to the Open Society Foundations. According to Wall Street Journal, his donation boosted the non-profit organization to become one of the largest in the world. Open Society Foundations assists democracies around the world and promotes justice, fairness and peace. The organization shuns, prejudice and discrimination through the help of other organizations it works with in the world. This not being his first donation to the organization, George Soros aided in furthering the foundation’s work around the globe.

According to Forbes, his generous donation will help the foundation provide humanitarian assistance to war torn nations in Asia. It will also aid in promoting justice and create human rights awareness in those states that believe such concepts will hinder political progress. His other donations have also been used to assist the marginalized groups around the world. These may be groups that are discriminated for their belief, or for simply who they are. Visit this site to know more at

George’s experience on the discrimination perpetuated by the Nazis in his home in Hungary had inspired his philanthropic act to diminish all forms of discrimination and injustice in the world. He believes that Open Society Foundations has the facilities and connections to promote his cause.


Fabletics Journey to Becoming One of Americas Most Trusted Brands

In the currently technological advanced society we live in, a lot of businesses realize that purchases made by consumers are more and more being determined by the power of the crowd. Most individuals these days use crowdsourced reviews to help guide their purchasing decisions. The trust placed on these reports by potential clients is so high and can only be compared to that recommendation a close friend or even work colleague can give you. Tech-savvy brands such as Fabletics have uncovered this fact and are using it to better understand their client’s behaviors before designing the appropriate marketing strategy.


Since Fabletics inception in2013, the company has grown by a percentage that exceeds 200% becoming one of the most recognizable brand successes of the past decade. Currently, Fabletics has a paying membership base that exceeds one million clients. Its revenue has also surpassed the $250 million mark. The firm’s corporate marketing Officer has attributed the steady growth of Fabletics to understanding and embracing user reviews.


It has been proved by the current generation of customers that client reviews alone can drive substantial customer acquisition, improve the loyalty of existing clients while at the same time serves as a platform for client retention by brands in various sectors of the economy. What sets Fabletics aside from most companies in the same niche as them is that they leveraged the popularity of reviews by the current digital generation of clients to dive their growth.


Today’s consumers are very different from ones from a decade ago. This Is attributed to the fact that most of them are leading increasingly digital lives. Taking a look at all the social media platforms explains this concept more. People these days tend to research on almost everything before they commit to buying the product or service.


Since this is done online, when a potential client needs more information on a particular brand, they always turn to product reviews to help them know more about these companies and what other people are saying about them. Statistics show that close to 84% of individuals who read the online reviews trust them. These figures keep growing each passing year.


A survey recently carried out showed that 60% of clients did not try a particular product or service due to the negative reviews they read, more than 50% of interviewed customers stated that they regularly read reviews on products online regularly. At the same time, there has been an increase of about 23% of individuals who read reviews on a yearly basis. There has been a dramatic growth of user review websites. The main reason behind this trend is the fact that authentic positive analyses have been used to boost the sales of product and services by brands.


Even with Kate Hudson’s recent success with Fabletics, she has maintained that it is too early to speculate her departure from her acting career. When she was asked on how she would love to be remembered, (an actor or businesswoman) Kate stated she loves being recognized as an actor who managed to do great things as an entrepreneur. Considering that Fabletics merchandise stands for empowering women, our readers who share the same vision as Fabletics ought to take the company’s lifestyle quiz that will help them determine which gear is best suited for them.

Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Help To Establish Other Human Rights Groups Through The Frontera Fund

According to the American Immigration Council, there should be a critical check along the borders of countries. In most cases, human rights violation tends to occur along the border points since there is no proper monitoring, and this exposes many people to extreme suffering. The NNIR is always fighting to ensure that immigrants can be able to live a better life than in their home country.

Most nations in the world have militarized their borders, and this ensures that illegal goods and people from neighboring countries cannot gain free entry without going through the proper channels. Products should also follow the right procedure when being imported as it is expected for human beings.

The United States of America is not any different. There has been significant pressure from the Donald Trump Administration with the intention of implementing the laws governing immigration. Rules are being enacted to ensure that people who do not belong to the United States are deported back to their countries.

Border demilitarization is a law that the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIR) is trying to ensure it is passed in Congress. The primary argument behind the fight for the demilitarization of the border points is so that people can freely enter the United States in case there is civil conflict in their countries.

According to the NNIR, this move will help to ensure that human rights are protected not only in the United States, but also in the entire world.

When people are exposed to unsuitable conditions in their home country, and other nations fail to accept them, then it leads to further violation of the fundamental human rights. Human movement should not be limited by border points. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It is because they are just a creation of the human beings, and they do not physically exist. The NNIR advocates for the abolishment of private military contractors since such organizations easily downplay the essential nature of human rights.

When they are allowed to run detention centers, then the situation becomes much worse as they ignore the rules governing such facilities. The occurrence of such is dangerous for the survivability of any human being.

According to the NNIR, which is a subsidiary of the Frontera Fund, even criminals should be allowed to enjoy their fundamental rights. Torture should not be extended to any person despite the mistake that he or she may have committed.

The occurrence of conflict in a country is not a phenomenon that is desired by anyone. The ACLU researched five major private prisons within the United States, and the situation was found out to be very dire.

First and foremost, there is extreme overcrowding in jails making the environment to be unsurvivable. The private military contractors get paid by the government for every person who is detained within their facilities.

As a result, they try to maximize profit by ensuring that they confine the highest possible number of people. Additionally, the conditions are usually very dirty. Other factors that were identified include inadequate medical care and abuse of every kind.

In 2013, the Detention Watch Network researched other private prisons, and the situation was found to be no different. The lack of sufficient food made the immigrants live as though they were being tortured.

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