How EOS Created a Vegan Lip Balm

Eos has long been one of the leading companies who make lip balm. Their origins are from less than a decade ago and they quickly emerged as a leading company based on the care that they took when developing their proprietary blends of lip balm, basing them on organic and natural ingredients that tempted and nourished customers. Go to to read more related stories. They also created these unique orb shaped applicators that were both hygienic and stood out on shelves and they developed unique blends of flavor that enticed and attracted customers like strawberry sorbet and vanilla mint. The brand exploded and developed a real following and many of the other lip balm producers started to emulate them. Shop and get great discounts here on

Eos was the original innovator in a tired and stagnant lip balm market. However, their innovation didn’t stop with their initial entry to the market, more insights here. EOS has continued to create new and interesting flavors of lip balm that interest customers and have now released a new line of lip balm that allows them to further stand out known as EOS crystal.

EOS crystal lip balm is clear which leads to the name of the brand. The name is set up to highlight the lack of additives and the see-through nature of the brand. EOS crystal contains no wax or animal products and it is therefore safe to use for vegans.

Vegans won’t be the only ones attracted to EOS crystal as it keeps the tradition of great quality that EOS has long established and introduces two new flavors to the EOS lineup; vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus, with more to roll out in the coming months. EOS has redesigned the orb case by making it less round and easier to stand up on its own, which keeps it stable on your shelf. Best yet, EOS Crystal is already available for sale on their website and with leading retailers so pick yours up today.

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