The Changes That The End Citizens United Have Proposed For The Constitutional Amendment

The elections ended a few months ago, and president Trump is in the White House, something that quite a significant number of Americans did not see coming. If the just-concluded elections have taught the country something, it is the reality that there need to be a few changes to the entire election process. There are groups which had foreseen the problems within the system, and the elections seemed to have amplified some of these issues, especially the role that Super PACs are playing in the financing of politics. For instance, in 2010, in the F.E.C versus End Citizens United case, the court ruled that the Super PACs and Organizations could act like individuals.

According to, the issues which are emerging from the signing of this bill into law are that some groups, whose intentions for the general population are not understood, are getting their hands in national politics. As a result of this interference, there is a lot of money in the national politics whose source is not clear. A lot of the money that has been used to fund various political campaigns has in fact been found to be dirty money. These are some of the issues that groups like the End Citizens United PAC want to be looked into again.

The Political Action Committee was started in 2015. When it was started, they had the aim of supporting the Democratic Party Candidates of their choice, and they successfully managed to raise more than $4 million by the time the Party Primaries were taking place.

They managed to help some of their candidates get into power, and they are hoping to do more in the mid-terms which are coming in 2018. For the time being, their primary concern is that they need the constitution to be amended so that the Super PACs can be kicked out of the national political scene. The group has done a lot to try and get an audience from the Supreme Court. They have for instance been collecting the 1 million signatures that are needed for a petition to be filed. Currently, they have a little over 300,000 signatures, and they are hoping that this number will be raised to a million. One of the associations they have forged to make this possible is an alliance with the Ready for Hillary Movement, which has more than 4 million followers.

Some people think getting the constitution amended is a tall order for the PAC; however, the group feels that they need to do something to influence change in the electoral process. The team has also managed to raise more than $35 million, which they are planning to use to back candidates who support their views in the upcoming midterms.

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