Why the Correctional Services Need Securus Technology

Who does not like to communicate with their loved ones? There is nothing as annoying as being prevented from talking to the people we love. Be it our relatives or friends, communicating to them is satisfying. Having a relative in prison requires you to constantly communicate with them. This helps rehabilitate them efficiently and faster, trust me. This is where Serucus Technologies comes in.

Serucus Technologies is a company that provides the inmate an opportunity to communicate to their loved ones. Being in prison can be very lonely. Failure of inmates to communicate with their loved ones may make them (inmates) feel like they are unwanted. The company has grown quite steadily, and the moment over 1,000, 000 inmates are benefiting from it. Recently, the company has advanced and provides more services other than inmate’s telephone company. Its ‘other ‘services include inmates, health care, inmates education, money transfer services, wireless transfer system and corrections investigations services.

Securus has been an exemplary innovation to the correctional services. Customers of Securus have commended the excellent services they are receiving. I quote one customer who says, “We are pleased with the products, reliability and customer service that are provided by the company.” Many customers find it to be very innovative. The prison wardens utilize Securus to operationalize information collected from the jail. This information helps boost security in the jails and provide criminal intelligence that would provide evidence which would be used to investigate murder charges.

As a little kid, my nanny’s father was in prison. She wanted to communicate to him regularly but it proved to be very hard without Securus. It has not only made the inmates lives easy but also that of the Correctional Services and the relatives of the inmates. It is a worthy innovation, no doubt!


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