Fabletics – Personalizing the Shopping Experience Like Never Before

There are many brands out there offering athleisure products and gears, but one of the companies that have been able to make a mark in the niche in a short period is Fabletics. It is a subsidiary company of Techstyle Fashion Group, which is one of the leading conglomerates of fashion brands such as ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and now, Fabletics as well. Fabletics is a prominent brand in the world of athleisure products and a short period has been able to achieve huge success. Fabletics started its operations in the year 2012 and just a few years has given other leading brands, including Amazon, enough reasons to scratch their heads. Fabletics is presently doing an annual business of over $250 million, and the count continues to increase at a rapid pace each year.

One of the reasons why Fabletics has been able to do good business is because there are not many brands in the market that offer quality athleisure products at the price point that Fabletics provide. The subscription business model followed by Fabletics has also proven to be a contributing factor for Fabletics. At present, Fabletics has close to 1.2 million VIP members, which ensures that the brand continues to get substantial revenue each week. The popularity of one of the co-owners of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, has also helped the brand to get the mileage with its marketing measures. Fabletics has been able to establish itself as a brand that is for the masses because it offers its products at an economical price without compromising on the quality. There are stringent quality parameters that are followed at Fabletics, which ensures that the members only get the best products at all times.

The reverse showroom technique followed by Fabletics like other brands such as Apple and Warby Parker has helped the company to gain momentum in their business. At present, the company has 18 showrooms across the country and plans to open much more shortly. Reverse showroom technique ensures that the brand can retain its position in the market and that the consumers do not get swayed away from the brand. Fabletics has more than 1,500 employees, and the size of its workforce is growing gradually as the company expands and grows. For people who are looking to become its VIP members, taking the Lifestyle Quiz at the Fabletics’ site is suggested. It helps in getting the gear that meets the customers’ precise requirements.

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