Imran Haque, a Man of The People

Imran Haque works for The Horizon Internal Medicine located in North Carolina in the U.S. as a medical doctor. In the year 1991, Haque received his medical degree from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamerican), in Santo Domingo. He’s one of the most notable specialists of internal medicine at his Ramseur and Asheboro offices. Haque is a medical practitioner who is highly respected; he has more than a decade and a half of experience in his field that helps him provide an array of service.


Imran Haque conducts an internal medicine treatment and complications at Horizon Internal Medicine. The facility has become the number one choice for most of the patients. Haque is successful because he cooperates with the physicians and doctors in medical groups for Medicare advice and information. His work is appreciated and admired by many people, residents of Ramseur, Asheboro, and the surrounding areas always visit him for medical assistance.


Patients are always taken through delicate treatments successfully when they go to the Horizon Internal Medicine, for example, 360 resurfacing always require a medical professional with experience and specialized training like Imran Haque. The treatment uses a laser to enhance the skin texture and tone or to tighten the skin.


Imran Haque is also a specialist on weight loss. He offers people with solutions to weight loss. He deliberated weight management, cosmetics, treatments procedures to improve the body and a package of nutritional for patients that are struggling with the weight problem. Haque also offers the removal of hair by laser.


Imran Haque has mastered his trade, all the patients he has treated have positive reviews about him. His experience in the medical field has made him learn about the value of human interactions. Haque’s practice offers a safe and clean environment, which is good for his patients’ comfort.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – Truths

Our society has been subjected to strong attacks from different angles, pressures and citizens demanding rights and privileges, by wrongly enforcing the law, which many times is so unknown. We have a society rich of numerous cultures, but it’s also the same new society that seeks to establish its own territory in this majestic land of the United States of America.

But maintaining the people, their beliefs, their ethnicities, even their own language, without adopting or embracing the culture on which it’s living, is preposterous. It merits on those that keep their roots and origins and passing those to next generations.

But a society that wants to make their small plot the only and true territory habitable, ignoring the origins and foundations of the country from were receiving many privileges, it is just a self-seeking and mediocre society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The multicultural backgrounds should enrich and strengthens societies, mutual respect, and equal compliance of the law to all, to We The People. It is vital to continue preserving the Constitution as a living document. The Columbine massacre, Darryl Scott, father of a murdered student, himself testified to Congress in plea of innocent lives.

The following cases are related to Engel v. Vitale and focus on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment:

Lynch v. Donnelly (1984) Christmas Display

Wooley v. Maynard (1977) Live Free or Die

Westside Community Schools v. Mergers, 496 U.S. 226 (1990) Religious meetings groups after school hours.

Employment Division v. Smith (1990) Ingestion of Peyote

Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe, 530 U.S. 290 (2000) loudspeaker system

The line differencing freedom of religion and freedom of non-religion is very narrow. There is not doubt that this is also another difficult case. The interpretation of the Clause should be taken with all seriousness and responsibility possible.

The Opinions of the court clearly offered a solution to a group of people from different beliefs, by decreasing some other students the same rights of voluntarily practicing their beliefs. Let us not forget.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin serve a true cause in this fight. They’re humble. They’re committed – as leaders of the Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is the voice. It is the outlet. Find out more online. You can even become a part of something greater than yourself as you stand for those who cannot – and show this world that human rights still matter. Be an influence.

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Fabletics – Personalizing the Shopping Experience Like Never Before

There are many brands out there offering athleisure products and gears, but one of the companies that have been able to make a mark in the niche in a short period is Fabletics. It is a subsidiary company of Techstyle Fashion Group, which is one of the leading conglomerates of fashion brands such as ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and now, Fabletics as well. Fabletics is a prominent brand in the world of athleisure products and a short period has been able to achieve huge success. Fabletics started its operations in the year 2012 and just a few years has given other leading brands, including Amazon, enough reasons to scratch their heads. Fabletics is presently doing an annual business of over $250 million, and the count continues to increase at a rapid pace each year.

One of the reasons why Fabletics has been able to do good business is because there are not many brands in the market that offer quality athleisure products at the price point that Fabletics provide. The subscription business model followed by Fabletics has also proven to be a contributing factor for Fabletics. At present, Fabletics has close to 1.2 million VIP members, which ensures that the brand continues to get substantial revenue each week. The popularity of one of the co-owners of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, has also helped the brand to get the mileage with its marketing measures. Fabletics has been able to establish itself as a brand that is for the masses because it offers its products at an economical price without compromising on the quality. There are stringent quality parameters that are followed at Fabletics, which ensures that the members only get the best products at all times.

The reverse showroom technique followed by Fabletics like other brands such as Apple and Warby Parker has helped the company to gain momentum in their business. At present, the company has 18 showrooms across the country and plans to open much more shortly. Reverse showroom technique ensures that the brand can retain its position in the market and that the consumers do not get swayed away from the brand. Fabletics has more than 1,500 employees, and the size of its workforce is growing gradually as the company expands and grows. For people who are looking to become its VIP members, taking the Lifestyle Quiz at the Fabletics’ site is suggested. It helps in getting the gear that meets the customers’ precise requirements.

Bob Reina’s Road to Success with Talk Fusion

Bob Reina had been working as a police officer when he was approached by a professional network marketing executive. This meeting, though short, would be the key cog in the process that would turn Bob Reina toward a future as an entrepreneur and the CEO of one of the biggest video marketing and communication solution companies on the web, Talk Fusion. Reina cites this meeting as his ‘ah ha’ moment and it cannot be downplayed — inspiration comes in all manner of forms. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s success right out of the gate was something that Reina was incredibly impressed with but he completely predicted happening. The key to Reina finding success with Talk Fusion right out of the gate was simple: he was excited and passionate about the project. Talk Fusion was something that Bob Reina had talked up to every potential client that he could think of, even weeks before the company was officially launched. By the time Talk Fusion went to market his company was already in the ears and minds of people all around the world.


More importantly than anything, Talk Fusion hit the market with a product that was ready and a demographic that needed a solution to their needs. Talk Fusion’s first product was that of the Video Email program. Bob Reina had himself came up with the concept after finding that nobody else offered what he needed done. Reina had been trying to send videos to friends and family through an embedded email and found that nobody had this solution. So, Reina did what a good entrepreneur should always do: he invented the solution.


Now we are a decade into Talk Fusion’s run and subsequent ascension up the ladder toward industry success. Talk Fusion has established themselves as one of the biggest companies in the industry and their work has been taking on more and more critical acclaim. At the center of it all Bob Reina continues to push the company forward, always looking for the next best way to innovate. Talk Fusion is available in over 140 countries around the world as of the time of this writing. Learn more:


How Gold Can Provide A Safe Haven In Unsettled Times

The world economy seems to be increasingly beset with problems. There has been political and economic unrest in a number of countries around the globe in recent years. Greece almost defaulted on its debt and many banks in Spain are close to default, among other situations.

One way of securing your future during times like this is to hold gold in your portfolio which has been a time-honored asset to hold. It can hold its value while stocks enter a bear market and bond yields increase which reduces their value.

U.S. Money Reserve is a company which educates people about holding gold. They also sell gold in the form of Gold American Eagle Coins as well as foreign currencies.

They recently released a book which shows people how gold can hedge again unknown economic risks including trade wars like President Donald Trump has proposed and other global unrest. The President of the company, Philip N. Diehl, says that gold can protect savings from global risk plus it is a government approved asset. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Glassdoor also reported that U.S. Money Reserve was established in 2001 in Austin, Texas.

U.S. Reserve are now one of the biggest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government issued gold in the world. Additionally, they supply silver and platinum currency to their customers. They have had over 400,000 thousand customers across the United States purchase the coins that they have for sale.

When someone decides to purchase gold, silver, or platinum through U.S. Money Reserve they just call the company and ask to speak to an Account Executive. They will help the caller determine what their financial needs are and how buying gold might be right for them.

The company also employs research and numismatic experts who have years of experience sourcing the highest profit potential coins issued by the United States and other nations across the globe.

The President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, was once the Director of the U.S. Mint. He had a long career in public service before joining private industry. He has vast experience with valuable metals, including gold, and has been a terrific asset for a company that sells government issued gold coins.

Karl Heidick Breaks Down The Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck

Philadelphia filed a lawsuit incriminating Wells Fargo & Company. This is according to news reports which allege that the bank’s lending methods meant for minority mortgage borrowers are predatory hence violate the Fair Housing Act of 1968. However, Wells Fargo fervently denies the allegations by contending that their practices are fair thus claiming that the lawsuit made against them is unsubstantiated.

Filed on the May 15th in Eastern District U.S District Court of Pennsylvania, the lawsuit is just one of the latest problems that have been plaguing the bank as it is yet to recover from last year’s scandal where bankers created fake customer accounts in a bid to meet their sales goals.

The Allegations

The City of Philadelphia alleges that Wells Fargo Bank;
a) Steered non-white borrowers (both black and those of Hispanic decent) towards riskier loans which accrued higher interests yet they met the threshold to qualify for lower Interest and risk mortgages.

b) Made it hard for the said borrowers to finance their mortgages later thus forcing many of them into losing the assets used as loan collateral than was the case with white borrowers in similar situations.

The complaint was filed after a year’s investigation by the city into the workings of the bank. The conclusion that African American borrowers were twice and the Hispanics 1.7 times more likely to be receive higher interest loans and mortgage loans that riskier respectively as compared to the white borrowers was made after the city looked at 10-year period loans data.

The Reaction

The bank’s spokesperson came out to say that the city’s allegations against it are unsubstantiated. They are however yet to file their written legal answer.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck graduated with honors from the Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. Before setting foot in the world of law, Karl Heideck was a 2003 graduate of Swarthmore College having done a Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature.

Karl Heidick’s legal practice is focused in compliance and risk management, civil litigation as well as helping Philadelphia clients. Currently working as an attorney at Grant & Eisenhower law firm, Karl Heideck is involved in reviewing discovery for banking litigation among other things such as risk management and securities fraud cases.

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