Bumble Dating App Is Bound To Be Number 1

Woman all over the world thank Salt lake city for ever raising tech wiz Whitney Wolfe. Whitney worked hard building up her education and learning her trade. Right after getting to the top of what is currently the worlds most used dating app. She was knocked down only to get back up again.

Whitney Wolfe, 25 is one of the co-founders of the dating app giant Tinder. who would have known you could create an app even better than your last one. Thanks to the inappropriate and unprofessional work ethics at Tinder. The worlds best dating app is now actually here. And it’s here to stay for good.

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Bumble is here and it’s every single woman’s go to app. What women love about this app is they get all the power. Only they can fish. Only can the woman send a message to flirt with a gentleman. This eliminates a lot of frustration dealing with not so good men, on all them other apps.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Maybe because most apps are made by men. Or maybe it took a good woman in a bad situation to brainstorm it up. Whatever the reason, we are glad it finally happened. Will this finally be the ever so needed shift in the battle of the sexes. It likely could be since the burning of the bras.

Woman may not have known it. But they have been waiting for this. Guys watch out. There is a new set rules in the dating world. Not all which are yet set in stone, but are now being crafted and engineered by the female gender. Oh what awaits us in this new future of dating. This cosmic shift in the star crossed skies of all our true love desires. And our new world of Bumble The ladies dating app.

See Behance.net for more information about Whitney Wolfe and Bumble.

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  1. Initially, I felt for Whitney Wolfe after all that had happened to her while she was working with Tinder. However, rushessay review what seems like disappointment engineered her to create something more better than what she co-founded, Tinder. Today, women are really happy for this best dating app, Bumble, which is now leading in the world.

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