Construcap is One of the Top Performers in the Construction Industry in Brazil

Construcap is a privately held, giant construction company headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. The Company employs up to 5000 employees. Construcap is has demonstrated consistent high performance and professionalism while handling small to mega projects. It was established in 1944, and since it has undergone tremendous and progressive improvements. Some of the developments include the adoption of technology into the Company. The Company is characterized by impressive environment-friendly and corporate social responsibility practices on

Construcap focuses on the construction industry, seeking best business and technical solutions. It also provides work strategies in Built to Suit, EPC and Management Systems, and Turn-Key, with the aim of projecting feasibility. The Integrated Management System-GIS controls almost all services and works in the Company. The works and services at include road, air, rail, port, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects. The Company fully complies with ISO 14001 and the OHSAS 18001 standards and regulations.

Construcap boasts of exceptional experience evidenced by the already completed projects. The completed projects are of high quality and high performance. The Company as a rich resource base in terms of human capital and equipment to handle mega projects and complete them effectively within the set timelines on It has a history of delivering high quality and efficient projects in for different clients that includes organizations, government, and individuals.

Construcap has significantly contributed to the building the beauty of the city of São Paulo. The Company has completed several megastructures including modern roads, rail lines, airports, and buildings at São Paulo is the largest metropolis in Brazil and is considered the place that welcomes all peoples. The Company usually performs construction work in areas that are not designed for human occupation; referred to as confined spaces in Brazil.

The confined spaces are characterized by limited entrances and exits, and ventilations. The Company’s professional workforce is trained to work in accordance with the Regulatory Standard 33. The Regulation provides guidelines on the use and application of specialized equipment and construction resources. The employees are required to possess the Work Entry Permits in order to access restricted construction sites. The strategies minimize risks, such as injuries.

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